The activities

Free flight

Hang gliding and paragliding are very simple vehicles to fly: a slope and a few minutes of preparation give hours of flight, without noise or pollution, surrounded by nature.
On Monte Grappa the activity is free and has considerably developed over the years.
The foothills of the Grappa massif lends itself excellently to the practice of this sport:
– has a position that protects it from the northern winds
– has an excellent road network which allows high take-off rates to be reached within minutes
– is home to the Montegrappa Trophy, one of the most famous flying events in the world
– the plain in front makes flying much easier and safer than flying inside the valleys
– its exposure makes it very full of updrafts, indispensable for prolonging the pleasure of flying and the distances travelled
– has a special microclimate giving at least 300 flyable days a year

The combination of all these conditions makes it an excellent destination for experts and beginners and in fact it is frequented by thousands of drivers from all over Europe.

The activities


For those looking for a more exciting day out, the area of Monte Grappa is entirely crossed by a network of bike paths, easy routes that will allow you to avoid cars. They follow ancient trails and take adventurers on two wheels, to places they could never discover otherwise.

The activities

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is defined as a fast walk using special poles.
Compared to normal walking, Nordic Walking (also called pole walking, or walking with sticks) involves the application of a force to the sticks at every step. This involves the use of the entire body (with greater intensity) and determines the involvement of muscle groups of the thorax, dorsal, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominal and spinal, absent in normal walking.
Nordic Walking can generate an increase of up to 46% of energy consumption compared to walking without sticks.
It has also been shown to increase endurance of the upper trunk musculature by up to 38% in just twelve weeks.